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William Walsh  

Camera Wizard
Steadicam Operator

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My whole life I have been fascinated by the power of movies. They fill us with emotion, spark our imagination, and enrich our lives.   I decided I wanted to share that feeling of wonder and excitement with others, so I picked up a camera and have never looked back.


As a Camera Operator,  I have the honor to be the first person to “see” the movie and guide the audience on their journey.  Being able to collaborate with other talented people and bring a shared vision to life is incredibly satisfying.   


WILLPOWER CINEMA is about having the physical and mental strength to overcome the challenges that we face as filmmakers.   Through our collective power we can create amazing motion pictures for the enjoyment of audiences everywhere. 


Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!

Member of The International Cinematographers Guild IATSE Local 600

Member of The Society of Camera Operators


What people say:

"We call Will our 'secret weapon'" - Randy Sosin, Senior VP of Insomniac Video Production

"Your shots are beautiful, thank you so much for capturing the magic!" - Siri Khalsa, Fire Groove Performance Artist

"Will you are so talented, thank you for the beautiful shots ♥♥♥" - Paola Baldion, Internationally acclaimed actress

"So epic my friend. Truly engaging and inspiring. Keep up the great work!" - Peter Leal, Photographer

"Not sure how you do it but your style, composition, and quality shows up supreme. Well done sir." - Tetro Fortuno, Performance Artist

Let's Bring Your Dreams to Life

Where there's a Will, there's a way! 

William Walsh Steadicam Reel 2024

William Walsh Steadicam Reel 2024

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